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Mendo Sour Power

Grown with a Conscience


There’s a lot a family can accomplish in three generations.

They can invest time and intention in breeding the most unique and potent cannabis strains commercially available. They can go beyond “sustainable” by adopting cutting edge, pro-environment growing practices in the pursuit of pure, clean medicine. And, in three generations, a family can build more than a business – they build a legacy.

At Mendocino Sour Power, we take pride in the knowledge and skill our family has developed over decades of growing top quality cannabis here in California. Our customers enjoy the products of that legacy every day.

Flower Product

Don’t let our name fool you, Mendocino Sour Power offers much more than incredible sours. We develop all our strains in-house, conscientiously breeding from heritage lines and family favorites to deliver potent, pleasant medicine. And with more than 50 strains and counting, you will always find something new and intriguing to try.

Mendocino Sour Power’s ecological stewardship is evident in every square inch of our Clean Green Certified farm.

  • We harness the sun and rain for solar and hydro applications.
  • Structured water reduces consumption.
  • Adding beneficials back into our soil cuts down on waste and revitalizes our garden.

Honest, impeccably pure and potent.

Mendocino Sour Power offers the type of cannabis products that come from decades of experience and a true commitment to clean, environmentally conscious cultivation.

Growing up alongside his father’s closet-grown sativa plants in the mid-70s sparked founder Rodney’s lifelong passion for cannabis. From the exhilarating days of gorilla gardening under miles of manzanita trees to full sun-grown plants in the open air, Rodney and the next generation of leadership at Mendocino Sour Power – apprentice-turned-business partner Tyler – have pushed out of the dark and into the light of a booming cannabis industry.

Adding to 60 years of collective growing savvy, they’ve branched into boutique breeding, developing a diverse library of more than 50 strains and flavor-terpene profiles to please any palate.

At heart and in essence, we are a family business. And our zero-footprint farming practices are just as important to our legacy as the high quality, consciously grown cannabis we farm here.